About Diversity and Equity

diverse students sitting a commons area with native american instructor


The Diversity and Equity Division pledges itself to continue its commitment to the achievement of equal opportunity within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and throughout the state of Minnesota. Inherent in our mission statement and purpose statement is our commitment to provide an environment that recognizes the worth and dignity of everyone associated with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities in any capacity. In this regard, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities confronts any behavior that discriminates against persons on the basis of "...race, sex, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, membership or activity in a local commission as defined by law."

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is committed to equality of opportunity in employment. This includes recruitment, selection, training, promotion and all other benefits in college and university employment.

Equality of opportunity should be available to students in all academic programs and in out-of-class activities. Students are part of a culturally diverse world, and it is important for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to help them understand that world as they prepare to live and work in it. Minnesota State Colleges and Universities will convey values that emphasize the importance of diversity, will use its resources to encourage it and will demonstrate behavior to embody it.

Responsibility for meeting the goals of equal opportunity and for creating an environment that reflects an appreciation of cultural diversity rests with the Diversity and Equity staff, the community and the college and university communities. Particular obligations center on persons in supervisory roles. Implicit in the latter group is the responsibility to lead, to monitor progress, to be alert to problems and to provide remedies when we fail to meet our goals.

In our daily effort to provide support and assistance, we are committed to fully supporting equal opportunity for everyone, providing affirmative action activities that strengthen the presence of under-represented groups and developing of systemwide environment in which every individual is valued.

Systemwide plans:

System Strategic Plan 2011 to 2015