Diversity and Equity Division Staff

Diverse group of students, traditional and non, visiting while waiting at a bus stop

Leon Rodrigues
Chief Diversity Officer
Phone: 651-201-1746
Email: leon.rodrigues@so.mnscu.edu

Responsible for managing and coordinating the policies, procedures and programs that govern affirmative action, diversity and equal opportunity. Consults, advises, trains and provides policy development in the areas of non-discrimination investigations, diversity, multiculturalism and affirmative action. Engages in strategic and limited outreach to business, community and civic and educational organizations with most of the effort going to support the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities campuses.

Renée Hogoboom
Associate Director for Diversity and Equity
Phone: 651-201-1592
Email: renée.hogoboom@so.mnscu.edu

Conducts investigations under Board of Trustees Policy 1B.1 Nondiscrimination in education and employment opportunity. Designs, develops and provides training to all investigators and decision makers on equal opportunity and diversity policies and procedures. Team leader for the Office of Civil Rights reviews. Develops affirmative action plans for the System Office. Monitors and leads the effort to resolve protected class complaints from all system institutions.

Christine McGing
Executive Assistant Diversity and Equity
Executive Assistant for Advancement
Phone: 651-201-1802
Email: christine.mcging@so.mnscu.edu

Provides office support the Diversity and Equity division and Advancement.

Ka Vang
Diversity Programs Director
Phone: 651-201-1599
Email: ka.vang@so.mnscu.edu

Supports the implementation of the System Office work plan projects and initiatives. Conducts research, develops curriculum materials and facilitates workshops concerning diversity, equity, social justice and conflict management. Serves as a resource for internal and external consultants and speakers. Provides information and best practices in the area of recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and administrators from undeserved, under-represented and protected class groups. Supports campus retention and recruitment plans by analyzing content and providing feedback.