Diversity and Equity Events

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Diversity Mini Grant Awards 2015

The purpose of the grant is to encourage the systematic exploration of conditions under which student-focused strategies succeed or fail. Another important goal is to seek new strategies that are likely to advance the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system’s commitment to diversity, equity and closing the higher education achievement gap among various demographic groups. Ultimately, these projects will expand higher education access, opportunity and success for underrepresented populations in order to ensure an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans.

Diversity Mini Grant Award Announcement

The System Office Diversity and Equity Division has awarded the 2015 Diversity Mini Grant Awards:

  • Central Lakes Community College- American Indian Language Revitalization Mentors
  • Century College-Minnesota Out!
  • Hennepin Technical College-Partnership with Better Futures Minnesota
  • Southwest Minnesota Sate University-Walking in Your Shoes Creating New Pathways Program

Questions may be addressed to Sonya Castillo at Sonya.Castillo@so.mnscu.edu

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